Without Borders

*Groups/Communities develop everyday, so if your community is not listed below, please let me know so can be added to the list!*

Below are a list of Puppy communities from around the world:

Albuquerque Pups and Handlers (ABQPAH)

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Alaska Pups and Handlers (AK-PAH)
Anchorage, AK:

Arizona Pups and Handlers (A-PAH)

Arkansas Pups and Handlers (ARK-PAH)

Atlanta Pups and Handlers (ATL-PAH)

Atlanta, GA:

Austin Pups and Handlers (AUS-PAH)

​Badger Pets And Handlers (Badger-PAH)

Badgers, WI: &

Bayou City Pups

Houston, TX

Black Eagle Kennel Klub (Toronto, Canada)

Boise Pups and Handlers (BOI-PAH)

The Buffalo Pups and Handlers Association (BUF-PAH)

Calgary Kinky Kennel Club
Calgary, Alberta:

Calgary Pups and Handlers (Cal-Pah)

Calgary, Alberta: &

Capital pups and Handlers PAH

Chicago Puppy Patrol (CPP)
Chicago, Illinois:

Denver Pups and Handlers (DEN-PAH)
Denver, Colorado:

Desert Pups and Handlers D-PAH

Des Moines Pups and Handlers - DSM-PAH 

DFW Kennel Club: An education-themed pup group.

East Coast Kennel Club

Edmonton Pups and Handlers

Fresno Pet Den (Fresno, California)

Indy PAH Events (Indy-PAH)

Inland Northwest Pups and Handlers in Spokane, WA 

International Puppy Play, Puppy and Furry Pride​


Kansas City, KS:

Las Vegas Puppy Coalition (LVPC)

Las Vegas, NV:


Twitter page: @LVPupCoalition

League of Atlanta Pups (LAP)

Atlanta GA:

Los Angeles Pup Park (LAPP)
Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles Puppy Pride/ Los Angeles Pup Contest
Los Angeles, CA: 
Instagram: @lapupprude 
Twitter: @lapuppride 

Louisville Critter Society - (state of Kentucky)

Maritime Pups and Handlers (MAR-PAH)

Memphis Puppies and Handlers (MEM-PAH)

Michigan Pups and Handlers (MI-PAH)

Michigan Puppy Patrol (MiPP)

Mid-Atlanta Kennel Corps
Washington, DC:

Midwest Pups & Handlers (MW-PAH )

MKE-PAH: Milwaukee Pups, Pets, Allies, & Handlers


Monroe, Louisiana:


Salem, OR:

Nashville Pups and Handlers (NASHPAH)

Nashville TN:

Nebraska Pups and Handlers (NE-PAH)

New England Unleashed (NEU)

Telegram group
Telegram Main group entry portal: 

New England Unleashed Fetlife group: 

The NEUnleashed Website and puppy party pages are now live!

Sign up to be included in the emails for the next puppy party!

New Jersey pups and Handlers (NJ-PAH)

New Orleans Pups and Handlers (NOLA-PAH)
New Orleans, Louisiana:

New York Pups and Handlers (NYC-PAH)

North Carolina Pups and Handlers (NC-PAH)

North Star Kennel Club

Minneapolis, MN

Northwest Pup and Handler Contest NW-PAH 

Ohio Pups and Handlers (OH-PAH)

Orlando Pups and Handlers (MCO-PAH)
Orlando, Florida:

P.A.H.K - Pets And Handlers of Kentucky

Pittsburgh Pups and Handlers (PIT-PAH)

Pittsburgh, PA:

Pittsburgh Pets and Handlers (PGH-PAH)

Pittsburgh Puppy Patrol

Portland Pups and Handlers (PDX-PAH)
Portland, Oregon:

Québec Puppys & Maîtres

Québec, Canada:

Ruff Pups Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky (RPCNKY)

Saint Louis Puppy & Handlers (STL-PAH)

Salt Lake City Pups and Handlers (SLC-PAH)

San Diego pups and Handlers (SAN-PAH)
San Diego, California:

Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEA-PAH) Website: 




SF K-9 Unit
San Francisco, CA:

San Jose Pups and Handlers (SJC-PAH)


South Florida Kennel Club

St. Louis Puppy Patrol (StLPP)
St Louis, Missouri:

Tampa/St. Petersburg Pups and Handlers (TSP-PAH)

Texas Puppy Club

Toronto Pups And Handlers (TOR-PAH)

UNY-PAH Upstate Pups & Handlers

Utah Pups and Handler (UPAH)

Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH)
Vancouver, British Columbia:

Outside North America:

Amsterdam Kink Academy (AKA)

European Puppy

Mr Puppy Europe:

Puppys MX (Puppy Mexico Community)

Puppy Play Spain (PPS):

Twitter: @puppyplayspain

Pups of the North

Manchester, UK:

Puppy Pride: an online social network for those into pup play in the UK!

SA-PAH (South Australia Pups and Handlers)

South African Puppy (SA Puppy)

SYD-PAH (Sydney Pups and Handlers)

東京ワンコ同盟(公式) Tokyo pups and handlers association

Q-PAH (Queensland Pups and Handlers)

VIC-PAH ( Victorian Pup And Handlers Social Group):

WA-PAH (Western Australia Pups And Handlers)