Without Borders

PAHs without Borders is a community project to promote mentorship, support and conversations between pups and Handlers all around the world in the effort to give every pup and Handler a chance to grow, be heard and loved.

As social media grows, so does the ability to connect and reach out to others, especially in places that were never possible before. Also within that power, others that were once feeling shut off from most of the world, now have the ability to have a voice and reach out to others in the community.

We live in a vastly huge world, some places where there might not even be an active community or any other pups/Handlers in their area for one to reach out to. The only means might be social media.

PAHs without Borders encourages others to reach out to those who are looking for someone to start a dialogue, gain a mentor, and/or experience the joys that the community has to offer even if it can’t be in person at that time.

Just a simply phone call, text, Skype session, even pupping out time over a video chat between a mentor and Handler/puppy for example, can create a huge difference in a puppy or Handler’s life. You never know, you might even create a lifelong connection or gain a puppy or Handler in the process.

Reach out and extend that hand or paw!